Clerk of the Legislature

One of the main functions of the Legislative Office is to assist members of the Legislature in any way required.  The County Administrator and the Deputy County Administrator certify all resolutions of the board, prepare correspondence to and from the Legislature, prepare County tax rolls and act in custody of County insurance policies.  This office is also responsible for preparing agendas and other materials necessary for Legislative meetings, filing local laws with the State, determining county, town and village tax rates (as well as those for special districts), apportioning mortgage tax and sales tax.  This office also prepares the annual book of proceedings and the County directory.  It is also this office’s responsibility to keep track of board and committee appointments.

The Clerk is the custodian of county vouchers.  The Legislative Office is responsible for auditing and preparing vendor checks.  Auditors must audit every account liability and voucher.  Working with the Purchasing Agent, the auditors are responsible for determining whether a purchase request is within a department’s budget and authorizes the County Treasurer to make payment on the item once a bill is received.

The Purchasing Department is also a division of the Legislative Office.  The Purchasing Agent obtains materials, supplies and equipment required for the operation of County business.  In general, the objectives of purchasing are to buy materials, supplies and equipment of the right quality, in the right quantity, from the right source and at the right price.  The County Legislature has delegated the responsibility and authority for purchasing and all of the accompanying functions to the Purchasing Agent.

The County Budget Officer organizes each department's budget request into an initial budget and prepares for the end-of-the-year budget hearing.  An initial budget is compiled, and once the budget is determined, an estimated tax rate is computed.  The Legislature then cuts the budget as needed to reduce the tax rate to a desired level.