Clinton County Legislative Office

The Clinton County Legislature serves as the County’s policy-making body.  The Legislature is responsible for establishing County policies, reviewing the administration of government, appropriating funding, levying taxes, reviewing and adopting the annual budget and enacting resolutions and local laws.

Clinton County is not a chartered county and, therefore, does not have a county charter.  Clinton County was established pursuant to New York State Chapter 63 of the Laws of 1788.

Before 1968, the governing body of the County was comprised of a Board of Supervisors—the 14 town supervisors, plus two city supervisors (each having one vote on the board, regardless of the size of the population they represented).

In 1968, the Supreme Court ruled that representation had to be equalized along "one man, one vote" lines.  At that time, the County had two options.  It could have maintained the Board of Supervisors, but "weigh" each vote according to population.  Instead, the County opted to divide into equal population districts, allowing each Legislator to represent approximately the same number of people.  There are now 10 legislative districts in the County, some encompassing more than one municipality.

The Legislature is comprised of 10 County Legislators who are elected to four-year terms to represent the citizens residing in a legislative district with a maximum term of 12 consecutive years.

The County Legislature meets the second and fourth Wednesday of each month in the Legislative Chambers of the Clinton County Government Center at 137 Margaret Street, Plattsburgh, New York at 5:15 p.m. (unless otherwise noted).  

At the beginning of each legislative meeting, the Legislature holds a public forum to allow the public to speak on issues of concern.  In accordance with the Rules of Order, each speaker is limited to five minutes.

There are ten standing committees and additional subcommittees which meet.  The Chairperson of the Legislature appoints the members and chairperson of each of the standing committees.  Resolutions, local laws, reports and recommendations passed by a Committee are forwarded to the Legislature for consideration.  The public is welcome to attend both Regular Sessions and Standing Committee meetings.

Currently, the County Legislature is comprised of five Republicans and five Democrats.  Mark R. Henry is the presiding Chairperson of the Legislature and was elected by the Legislature at its organizational meeting.  Deputy Chairperson is Robert Hall; Rob Timmons is the Republican Leader and Patty Waldron is the Democratic Leader.

This site is geared to inform the public about our legislative body and the organizational structure of the Clinton County Legislature.  You will find contact information for your local legislators and a monthly schedule legislative meetings and events on this site.