Building Social Connections Mini-Grant

Clinton County Office for the Aging has funding available for building social connections. The purpose of this funding is to combat social isolation and loneliness by providing new ways for people to build meaningful connections. By engaging older adults, age 60+, in aproject or program, they begin to develop new relationships. These relationships help build a sense of community and wellbeing.

Background: Social isolation is a public health concern. Research has shown that the negative health consequences of social isolation include impaired mental performance, a compromised immune system, a heightened risk of chronic disease, and depression. The health risks of prolonged isolation are equivalent to smoking 15 cigarettes a day. Social isolation and loneliness were issues prior to the pandemic, but were exacerbated by the public health emergency.

Target Locations: Communities throughout Clinton County, with emphasis on areas outside of Plattsburgh, as Plattsburgh residents have greater access to social and educational activities. This would not exclude Plattsburgh if there is clear indication that the program would reach under-served individuals.


  • Inspire creativity to build social connections for individuals who are isolated
  • Encourage ideas that include one or more of the following
    • Multi-generational activities
    • Programs that focus on Caregivers
    • Projects that engage people during the winter months
  • Meet a minimum of 6 times
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We encourage you to be creative! Some examples are below, but feel free to submit an original proposal that best fits your community.
*Book Club*Movie Discussion Group*Cooking Class*Art Class*Exercise Group*Local Travel -Historic Sites, Local Museums*Multi-Generational Programs with Schools, Scouts, or Community Groups*

Eligibility: Eligible entities are non-profit organizations or government entities (towns, villages, schools)

Program Details:

  1. Applications must be submitted to Clinton County Office for the Aging at or 135 Margaret St, Suite 105, Plattsburgh, NY 12901 no later than March 15, 2022.
  2. Programs may begin as early as May 1, 2022 and must conclude no later than December 31, 2022.
  3. Funding requests should be a minimum of $250 and a maximum of $2,500.
  4. Funds must be used to provide a new program or service that will support older adults(age 60+) in developing meaningful connections. Existing programs or services are ineligible.
  5. Selected projects will be funded on a reimbursement basis, per the approved project budget.
  6. Reporting benchmarks (program updates) will be established on a program-by-program basis for selected programs. At minimum, a summary report, that includes photos to highlight the program, will be required upon conclusion of the program, as well as pre and post surveys of adult program participants. Surveys will be provided by Clinton County Office for the Aging.
  7. County insurance requirements: General Liability or Professional Liability, and Worker's Compensation, Auto, and NYS Disability when applicable.

Selection Criteria:

  • Project Design
  • Use of Exemplary Practices
  • Recruitment of Isolated Individuals
  • Cost Effective Budget
  • Application Completeness



Note: Efforts will be made to fund projects throughout the Clinton County, therefore location may impact final selections.

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