The CAC has resources available for anyone receiving services through the center. We also partner with and make referrals to other community agencies and organizations that address specific needs such as mental health, substance abuse treatment and counseling services, art/equine/play therapies, trauma-sensitive yoga, and more.


Advocacy Services Handout helps explain the role of the advocate at the Child Advocacy Center.

Healthy Sexual Development breaks down the different stages of children's sexual development and offers potential warning signs of atypical sexual behaviors.

Parenting to Prevent and Heal ACE's supports caregivers by offering nurturing responses they can give to their children in the context of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs).

Play It Safe Brochure explains the Play It Safe curriculum. Please contact Scott McDowell (Children Services Program Specialist) at the CAC to learn more about how schools and child care programs can use this abuse prevention tool.

Helping Your Children to Heal from Abuse is meant for caregivers to help them engage with treatment and know what to expect along the road to healing.

Evidence-based Mental Health Treatments is for MDT members and brokers such as CPS and law enforcement to educate them on the importance of evidence-based treatments for child abuse and improve buy-in from these crucial partners.



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