Filing a Complaint

How is a complaint filed?

Put your complaint in writing. Your complaint does not have to be in great detail but it is necessary for the Commission to have enough information to contact you and discuss the complaint in detail. This discrimination form can also be used.

Mail or leave your complaint at: 

Clinton County Human Rights Commission 
Clinton County Government Center 
c/o Legislative Offices- Box 21 
137 Margaret Street 
Plattsburgh, NY 12901 

If for some reason you are unable to do the above, just call the Clinton County Government Center, 565-4600, and leave your name and contact information for the on-call commissioner of the Human Rights Commission. 

Your complaint will be reviewed at a regularly scheduled meeting of the Commission and you will be contacted to discuss what steps can be taken regarding your complaint. 

What action might be taken?  

The Human Rights Commission may do any of the following:  
If the complaint is within the jurisdiction of the Commission, efforts to resolve the complaint at the local level will be made.  

You may be referred to the New York State Division of Human Rights for action. 

The Commission may recommend another agency if the matter does not fall within the jurisdiction of the Clinton County Human Rights Commission.