Areas and Activities Protected

Who is protected?  

Depending on various State and Federal Laws, certain classes are protected against discrimination. Areas of protection include: 

  • Age (employment only)  
  • Race or Color  
  • Creed or Religion  
  • National Origin  
  • Sex or Gender  
  • Marital Status and Familial Status  
  • Physical or Mental Impairment  
  • Ex-arrestees or Ex-misdemeanor Offenders (employment only)  
  • Sexual Orientation  

What activities are protected?  

  • Activities Protected by New York State Human Rights Law: 
  • Employment 
  • Housing 
  • Public Accommodation  
  • Credit 
  • Membership in Volunteer Fire Companies  

If you believe that you have been discriminated against within the County of Clinton you may file a complaint with the Clinton County Human Rights Commission.