Geographic Information System (GIS) Online Map - Clinton County, New York

The data provided on the Clinton County GIS Map, which is a web map available on, is provided as a reference service to the public.  The information provided on this map does not provide accurate parcel boundary information, and is not based on a survey by a licensed land surveyor in New York State.  The information is utilized for taxation purposes.  All other data sets, including wetlands, floodplains, and aerial photos, are datasets from other entities and are of varying degrees of accuracy. In general, wetlands and floodplains were not determined by in the field surveys, but through the use of aerial photography and soils data. A site visit by NYSDEC, APA or USACE would be required for more accurate wetlands delineation.  Clinton County, including all elected officials and employees of Clinton County, assumes no responsibility or legal liability for the accuracy of any data provided through this mapping application. 
This application has limited accuracy / information on parcel boundaries, depicting the tax map boundaries only. By clicking on a parcel, you may follow the “more info” link to see the real property data for the parcel.   
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