New Member Training

Youth Court is a free program that provides students a unique opportunity to serve as members of a court for youth who have committed offenses in our community. Members develop leadership skills, learn about the justice system and have an opportunity to make a difference in their community. Membership requires attending two training sessions. 

Anyone interested in becoming a Youth Court member must complete a Membership Application 

Comments from our current Youth Court Members

“It feels good to know I am helping people.”

“I have come out of my shell more.”

“It teaches me to do the right thing.”

“It’s a great community service option.”

“I have realized how lucky I am to have all I do and help in the community.”

“I learned to work with others.”

“I have a tiny bit more confidence and more knowledge of the justice system.”

“It has exposed me to many different people.”

“I have learned to help people on a different scale.”

“I have more knowledge of the law.”

“It provides a great opportunity to take part in our community.”

“I have learned more about responsibility and how to help others.”

“I have learned even more about the many responsibilities we have in life.”