Child Daycare

Clinton County provides services through the Child Care Development Block grant to working parents receiving financial assistance (TANF) or as a low income subsidy in an effort to assist them in becoming more self-sufficient. The family's eligibility for a child day care subsidy is based on their need and their household income. Child day care services are provided on either a formal or informal basis. Daycare is provided for children age 6 through 12 years. Under certain circumstances, care may be provided through 18 years of age, or if care is court ordered.
  • Formal Child Day Care is provided on a regular basis away from the child's residence for less than 24 hours per day by either a day care center with a valid license, a family or group family day care provider that is properly registered or a registered school age child care program
  • Legally exempt child care is provided for one or two children away from the child's own home by a caregiver who is at least 18 years of a age, or less than 18 and who meet the requirements for minors set forth by the New York State Labor Law. Legally exempt Child care may also be provided in the child's own home.
  • A parent fee is the weekly amount paid towards the cost of child care services by the parent or caretaker relative. The amount the parent pays is based upon a sliding fee schedule, which takes into consideration their household gross income and family size. 
  • Clinton County registers Family Day Care Providers and School Age Child Care programs
  • These providers care for 5 or 6 pre-school children plus an additional 2 before or after school children in their home Family day care providers care for 6 or more children (grades kindergarten through 12 years) during non-school hours. Children may also attend during school vacations and holidays


  • You must attend an orientation / information session
  • Complete an application packet
  • You and any household members over age 18 must complete fingerprinting
  • Attend 10 hours of Health and Safety training prior to registration
  • Complete a total of 30 hours of training every 2 years
  • Start up funding for Health and Safety
  • Access to a Lending Library of equipment, toys an arts and crafts items
  • Access to the child and adult care food program to receive reimbursement for nutritious meals and snacks served to enrolled children
  • Referral services to parents looking for Registered Day Care  
  • Access to professional training and tax workshops