Patrol Division

Clinton County Sheriff's Office Patrol Cars
Two deputies on all terrain vehicles next to a Sheriff's Office van

ATV Unit

The Champlain Station All Terrain Vehicle Unit, in partnership with the Clinton County Sheriff's Office, conducted ATV training in conjunction with Operation Stonegarden in order to broaden inter-agency cooperation.  Champlain Station is committed to working in partnership with our local Law Enforcement entities in an effort to find new and innovative ways to conduct operation in support of Operation Stonegarden.



Marine Services Unit

During the summer months, three deputies are assigned to marine patrol on Lake Champlain, Chazy and Chateaugay Lake.  The marine patrol efforts help provide for a safe and pleasurable experience for residents and guest to the largest tourist attraction in Clinton County. Marine officers provide safety inspections, investigate navigation complaints, engage in search and rescue operations, safeguard marine events such as Regattas and international fishing tournaments.

Snowmobile Unit

The Snowmobile Unit patrol the area snowmobile trails, parks, roadways and land areas of Clinton County that are often used by snowmobile operators. The unit also patrol along the international border with Canada in support of the Border Patrol.  The unit enforces the legal requirements for snowmobile operation in New York State and provides instruction to promote safe snowmobile operation.


Tri-County Special Response Team

The Tri-County Special Response Team, or SRT started in 2015 with the team comprised of only Clinton County Sheriffs Office organized under the direction of Sheriff Favro. The team changed several years later with Essex and Franklin County Sheriff's Office as well as Ticonderoga Police Department.  The team has been developed to support local law enforcement agencies in "special threat" circumstances that require a tactical response to high-risk situations as well as search and rescue operations.  The members of this team receive special training in specialized equipment, weapons and tactics so they are able to be called in for difficult and dangerous situations.